New HURO's project granted

July 17, 2019

Novel metrics for the evaluation of motor function using advanced electromyographic techniques

The main goal of the project is developing an experimentation protocol for patients with acquired brain injury to evaluate, using advanced electromyographic techniques (including HD-EMG), the effectiveness of the neurorehabilitation process. The use of novel electromyographic techniques has not yet been explored systematically and its application to a clinical setting involves a significant breakthrough of the state-of-the-art.

To evaluate the rehabilitation process, different assessment metrics or biomarkers will be computed. The so-called biomarkers are divided into two types:


Motor learning biomarkers: they evaluate the motor learning process. These biomarkers will be obtained during the performance of motor learning exercises. Metrics such as the behavior of muscle synergies and other markers will be evaluated to analyze asymmetries between the affected and the healthy side of the body.

Motor function biomarkers: they evaluate the current state of the neuromuscular transmission pathways of the patient. In this project, metrics such as neuromuscular delays, conduction velocity or intramuscular and intermuscular coherence will be studied. These biomarkers will be obtained in between learning exercises.

This project, granted by Generalitat Valenciana regional government (ref. GV/2019/025) will be developed from 1/1/2019 to 31/12/2020 in collaboration with Aalto University (Finland) and Hospital General de Alicante (Spain).

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