Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Experiences on Active Learning and PBL in engineering education
  • Innovative experiences in engineering education
  • Ethics and sustainability in engineering education
  • Evaluating PBL and Active Learning
  • Development and assessment of competences
  • Diversity and inclusion in engineering education
  • Attracting women and/or young people to engineering
  • Teacher and tutor roles in PBL and Active Learning
  • Inclusion of emotions in engineering education
  • Teacher professional development in non-technical topics (pedagogy, ethics, sustainability, gender,...)
  • Research on Active Learning and PBL
  • Assessment in Active Learning and PBL
  • Active Learning and ICT support
  • Educational challenges during crisis
  • Basic sciences in engineering education
  • Curriculum design
  • Project management in engineering education
  • Student engagement in learning
  • Workspaces for Active Learning

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