Science curricula in the time of resource scarcity

Antonio Turiel

Antonio is a known science communicator and researcher in energy and sustainability issues and their relationship with economy. He is senior scientist at CSIC (the Spanish National Research Council), in the largest research institute dedicated to marine research, under the motto: 'Ocean science for a healthy planet'.

Engineering knowledge, skills, and values: keys to fostering globally responsible changemakers

Shannon Chance

Shannon is TU Dublin lecturer and programme chair BSc in BIM; Visiting professor at UCL. Experienced professor with a demonstrated history of working in higher eductation. Expertise in Arquitecture, education methods, education research and planning, environmental sustainability, diversity/inclusion and lecturing using innovative pedagogies.

The 'whys', 'whats', 'hows' and 'whos' of Sustainability in Engineering Education

Jordi Segalàs

Jordi is the director of the Research Institute of Sustainability Sicience and Technology at the UPC. He is the head of the Research Group on Sustainablity and Technology in Higher Education and the chair of the Sustainability working group of SEFI. He has been working in curriculum greening policies and action plans since 2000.

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